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  • Practical tips to get your home sold this spring

    Tuesday, May 17, 2016   /   by Cody Ford

    Practical tips to get your home sold this spring

    Blossoming flowers, budding trees and warmer temperatures signal the arrival of a new season and the regeneration of the spring season. Just as spring marks a season of renewal in nature, it also marks a sense of renewal for home sales, as many sellers have anticipated this hectic season and are now prepared to put their home on the market.

    With eager buyers in the wings, spring is an optimal time to buy or sell a house. If you hope to attract those eager buyers early on, here are some tips to help you sell your house for top dollar, according to NAR President Tom Salamone, even if you don’t have a bunch of money to invest.

    First Impressions First
    The exterior of your home and your yard are the first things potential buyers will see. The outside provides some insight into the inside of the home and how well kept it is. Curb appeal is huge, so don’t overlook minor fixes that will make a big difference.

    Yard - Be sure your lawn is freshly mowed and your house numbers are visible from the street. Add fresh flowers and scattered landscaping plants.

    Exterior – Powerwash the exterior of your house to remove weathered and worn debris from the winter or any moldy looking substance. Add a fresh coat of paint to your front door and your shutters to freshen your appearance. Add landscape lighting or outdoor lighting in case buyers scope out your home at night. If your garage door is ancient or it needs some updating, about 87% of the cost is generally recovered upon resale. Steel doors are the best option, with 75% of the cost generally recovered at resale.

    Invest in Indoor Improvements
    There are so many projects that you could do in order to snag just the right buyer for your home, but research says, there just a few which jump out for buyers.

    Kitchen – Freshly painted, or updated cabinets are very attractive to buyers. If you can’t afford to paint and upgrade the cabinets, try replacing the handles on the cabinets with a stainless steel, bronze or black knob. Backsplashes are incredibly popular with buyers, as well, so consider adding a new tile backsplash under your cabinets with a neutral mix of tiles.

    Closets – You may not think buyers will open your closet doors and examine what’s inside, but they do. They are examining your space to determine if their belongings will fit and how they can be organized in that space. Consider adding some organizational shelving to your closets or upgrade the shelving you already have. Potential buyers love closet upgrades.

    Flooring – Flooring type and quality both matter to potential buyers, but flooring doesn’t have to be new. If you have hardwood floors that need a facelift, consider refinishing them instead of replacing them. Hardwood floor refinishing generally costs $2500 and sellers recover 100% of that cost upon resale.

    Practical Over Pretty
    There are many things sellers can do to make things “look pretty,” however, in the long run, practical adjustments and improvements are the wisest choices. So, don’t spend a bunch of money on cute accessories, here are the practical things that are important to spend money on when selling your house.

    Wash your roof, get rid of any lingering debris from winter time, including leaves clogging the gutters. Do small repairs, but if it has major damage, you will need to replace it all together. A new roof costs between $7,000 and 8,000, but recoverable cost for a new roof is estimated to be $8,000, an investment that is well worth it.

    Make sure all major issues are addressed before you list your home. Even if a home buyer doesn’t notice some of the little things, a home inspector will, which could mean a dissatisfied buyer and a potential loss of a buyer. In the end, these things will have to be fixed anyway.

    If your home isn’t in need of a major overhaul, then focus on the smaller projects that will make a big impact on getting your house sold this spring.

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