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  • Easy-Peasy Tips to Creating Listing Photos That Speak for Your Home

    Tuesday, December 18, 2018   /   by Trish Ford

    Easy-Peasy Tips to Creating Listing Photos That Speak for Your Home

    Easy-Peasy Tips to Creating Listing Photos That Speak for Your Home.png

    In the everyday world, a picture is worth a thousand words. In real estate, a picture can be worth a LOT of dollars. Just getting good pictures of your home to post alongside the written description can speak volumes to a prospective buyer, but not everyone is a pro when it comes to taking pictures. Here are some easy-peasy tips to help you get behind the lens with a real-estate-agent eye and snap those pics that get your home recognized, appreciated, and sold.

    1. Don't Capture Pics of Clutter

    Before taking pics, clear out any stuff that clutters up the beauty of your home. For example, in the kitchen, if your countertop is cluttered with small appliances and food containers, no one looking at it in a shot will see the style of the countertops or the way the cabinetry highlights the backsplash. 

    2. Do Get Pics of Nice Views

    Walk through your home and find the best views of the house. Maybe your house has an awesome staircase that leads down to a lovely foyer with a chandelier. Perhaps there is a gorgeous view of the backyard through a large picture window in the dining room. Dress up these areas and make these views focal points in a shot. 

    3. Keep Your Pets Out of the Shot

    There are things in your home related to pets living inside that can turn buyers who are not pet owners off. Some owners are so opposed to buying a house where pets have lived that they will be really alert to things like cat hair on the back of the sofa or an accidental capturing of Fido's tail in a shot. 

    4. Stage Every Scene to Highlight Life in Your Home

    Life in your home should look welcoming and inviting. For example, your bedroom should look as if someone could walk right in, kick off their shoes, and take a nap in a clean and cozy environment. It's logical to have rooms clean before taking pictures, but beyond that, stage the scene. 

    5. Leave the Imperfections Out of Pics

    Every lived-in home is going to have its downfalls and blemishes. It is okay to let buyers know beforehand about these issues in your listing, but keep these issues out of your photos. Leave out pictures of rooms that desperately need painting, have stains on the carpet, or are undergoing a remodel. 

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