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  • 5 Tip to Nailing Your First Impression

    Wednesday, June 8, 2016   /   by Cody Ford

    5 Tip to Nailing Your First Impression

    When selling your home, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Curb appeal goes a long way to getting people in to see your house. Landscaping and outdoor improvements are a major part of curb appeal. If your exterior needs a little boost to improve your curb appeal, here are five changes you can make for less than $1,000.


    1.     Fertilizing your Lawn

    One of the fastest and most inexpensive ways you can improve your yard appearance is to fertilize your lawn to revive the grass and help it become green and lush much quicker. Some fertilizers kill weeds, which also improves your lawn’s appearance.


    The cost of fertilizing your yard averages .03 cents a square foot. Fertilize your lawn early in the season to take advantage of lower prices and maximize your lawn’s growth. Water early in the morning to prevent it from drying out, which helps fertilizer go farther. If you choose to tackle this job on your own, all you will need is a spreader and some quality fertilizer.


    2.     Plant Trees
    Planting additional trees has a lot of advantages. Trees help prevent soil erosion and provide shade and cleaner air. Adding the right trees can also help improve curb appeal and complement your landscaping.


    The average cost of a small tree is about $100, delivered and planted with a minimum of five trees. Large trees can average $2,000 each, delivered and planted, with a minimum of five trees ordered. Check with your utility company before planting to be sure the trees will not interfere with power lines. Also check with your city or state to find out if there is a shade giving tree program that provides trees to homeowners in sunny areas for free.


    3.     Stain Your Deck

    Curb appeal in the back area of your home depends largely on the appearance of your deck, as the deck is a major area for enjoyment on the property. Since the elements take a toll on your deck, and over time create staining, fading, cracking and peeling, it’s important to maintain your decking area to eliminate rotting wood and an unsafe structure.


    Apply a new coat of stain to help maintain it’s crisp appeal and its integrity.


    The average cost of staining is around $2 per square foot, including labor and equipment. Be sure to power wash before you begin staining.


    4.     Install a Fountain

    Fountains add a peaceful and tranquil element to your yard and landscaping. The sound of running water is enjoyable for many people and increases your curb appeal.


    There are many styles of fountains available and installation costs depend on the type you are installing. The least expensive fountain (the size of a bird bath), costs between $150 and $300. Lower the cost of installing a fountain by installing it along with other landscaping improvements. Purchase a fountain kit to make installation even easier.




    5.     Replace Your Fence

    Fencing around your property, whether in part, or as a whole, can enhance or detract from your curb appeal. Fencing can also offer other benefits as well including pet containment, privacy and a safe place for children to play.


    If your fencing is chipped, worn or falling apart, it can be a major detractor when buyers arrive at your home. Fencing can be repaired quite easily, but if your fence has seen its better days, it’s time to replace it before buyers stop by to see your house.


    The average cost to install a new fence is about $13 a linear foot for galvanized steel, chain link fencing. Total costs to do it yourself range from $7 a square foot to $28 for a redwood split fence. If you are replacing an old fence with a new one, consider tearing out the old fence yourself to lower installation costs. Costs for fencing are based on the material used to construct the fence. Choose the fencing that best meets your functional needs first, then consider looks when pricing your new fence.


    Give your home the best shot at a first impression by taking care of some of these landscaping and yard chores first. By painting a picturesque picture, buyers will come to believe that the outsides of your home and the quality of care you have put into your home will also be evident on the inside.


    Let the Trish Ford Real Estate Team show you how to best attract and secure that perfect buyer for your home on the first visit. After all, you only have one shot at wowing them from the curb. Make your first impression count. Our team will show you how.